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WindSpirit- Fluid, Social, & Boldly Soft

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

The name I was given by my human friends is WindSpirit. It definitely captures my essence, which is lighthearted and free-spirited while simultaneously wise and with one foot in the ancient wisdom of the lands and its people.

I came to For the Love of Aria as a yearling from the Sand Wash Basin. I came with two other yearlings, Journey and Firefly, who were in my particular herd. Missy came with me also, but she was not integrated until the summertime. She is one of my best friends now.

While I didn’t start off as a front-runner for a lead horse, I have been taking my time here to come into my own as a strong personality and a grounded presence among the herd. I have also found delight and joy in running and playing with my herd and with the other youngsters. There are few things as entertaining as a good gallop. It reminds me of my short time in the basin as a wild horse. I was rounded up very early on, but I do remember what running free feels like.

Coming to live with people has been an interesting transition. While I feel I could not have found a better home to start my new life, I wasn’t entirely convinced at first. I was a little quiet and withdrawn, and at times I still can be. But I enjoy watching people. Such interesting creatures they are. They have such curious habits and are predictable in many ways while remaining unpredictable in others, which keeps my attention and keeps things feeling interesting and lighthearted around here.

My favorite thing about living at For the Love of Aria is my connections within my herd. I like many things, but I LOVE my herd family. While there was a sense of being displaced in the beginning, this is my home. I know for sure that I can do anything, go anywhere, and thrive. This experience has led me to draw on a great sense of personal power that I am not sure I would have found otherwise. While no horse would ever wish for such an experience, I am making the most of it.

Two two-year-old mustang horses run wild together on the plains of Colorado
WindSpirit and Missy- Photo Courtesy of WilsonAxpe Photography

I would love to meet a person who wants to make me their world. Someone who wants to observe me and understand me and who wants to let me explore my own sense of self and embrace my connections and curiosity would be ideal. I am very mature for my age, but I still like to explore and stick my nose in just about everything I can.

I would feel most at home with someone who knows horses well, but who knows that horses and humans never stop learning about one another. Every day is a new lesson, a new experience, a new opportunity to read each other better and to become a more solid team. I want a human in my forever partnership who is always willing to keep learning and growing with me…someone to be my partner in life.

More than anything, I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. Sometimes people visit the ranch, and they view me as a poor orphan who was stolen from her land and her mother. While that is factual, I am not a poor orphan. I carry the wisdom of the hills, the rains, snow and sun, the grasses, and, well, the wind. The spirits of old have made sure that I have support through my understanding of what things hold importance for me. With that knowledge in place, I know I can survive anything. This world is mine to make of it what I will, and I know this to be true. So, what do you think? How about you?

Three two-year-old mustangs gallop on the plains of Colorado
WindSpirit (center), StellaLuna (left) and Missy (right) take chase. Photo courtesy of WilsonAxpe Photography

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