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Meet Watson, Our Favorite Wild Card!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

My name is Watson, and I am a proud member of the Sand Wash Basin Herd. I was born in 2012 to two great parents, Mikani and Femur. The reason I am at For the Love of Aria is because of a special woman named Gina Kuttrus. She did not know me at the time of the roundup and auction, but she knew that I was in need, and she stepped right up. She has told me that I am her “wildcard” horse, meaning she didn’t know what to expect from me coming here since she did not observe me in the wild, but I am at a place that I know cares about me and my health and well-being.

Two male mustang horses with faces touching
Watson and Silverstorm, courtesy of Stacy Cushing McClure

I have many friends, but Silverstorm and I are particularly close. We play so much. I have tried to play with the other horses, and they just kind of look at me. But Silverstorm, he and I are on the same wavelength. What I love most about being here is that I get to spend time with so many different horses. My herd is quite diverse, and we have lots to “talk” about with one another. We spend lots of time playing and lots of time sleeping, and we enjoy sharing meals together at feeding time.

My favorite thing about living in the Sand Wash Basin was the sky. There were no fences to navigate. The sky just touched one side of the ground, and then it stretched widely over our heads and rested on the other side. I could spend all day walking around under that sky. It was so beautiful.

Sun setting beyond Colorado hills
Sunset in the basin

My favorite thing about my new life is all the positive people who ALWAYS tell me that they will take care of me. During the process of being trapped, I was not so sure that would be the case. I was very scared and wasn’t sure my new life would be outside the trailer. I was worried that I might be in a trailer for much longer than I would like. In fact, part of me thought that I might be in a trailer forever. I didn’t know if it would end or not…if there would be a moment when I stepped back out into the fresh air and onto the solid ground.

If there is one thing I can tell you, it’s that being in a big trailer with tons of horses for the first time will make you wish you were back home. All of a sudden that last mouthful of grass that I took became much more precious. Every cactus flower, every yucca plant, and every blade of grass just became so much more meaningful. I looked through the metal slats up at the sky that now seemed so small, and I closed my eyes and imagined that big sky I had called my friend for all those years.

What I did not know was when I finally stepped down out of that trailer at For the Love of Aria, I would be completely respected, honored, and heard. I could feel that there was a difference. Here, the pressure was off. Rest, relax, and rehabilitate my mind and body. Those were the new goals, and I am so grateful.

What I know is that I will not be staying here forever, and I am ok with that. Do you know why? Because I wholeheartedly trust the people here. I trust them to find me exactly the right home, and I know that I will be taken care of for all of my days. When I look at the sky now, I don’t see my old familiar friend, but what I do see are possibilities. If I can go into a trailer, be so afraid for my life, and come out into something new that is this safe and contenting, then I trust whatever may come. I know that wherever I go, my friend the sky will be there for me.

I know I don’t have to worry anymore, which I value with my very being.

I would love to meet you! Please come see me in person! Let me smell you and see which part of the sky you live under. I am currently looking for sponsors, and I would love to know that people out there look at me and love what they see!

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