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Journey: From Small-Town Girl to Big-Time Teacher

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Hello there, and thanks for stopping by! They call me Journey, and boy, has it been one! I am a Mustang yearling who was adopted as just a wee mite out of the Sand Wash Basin in Maybell, Colorado. What the people didn't know at the time was that I would become the lead lady of the three youngsters who came home to For the Love of Aria with me.

Not much scares me. I'm really happy to explore and meet new people. I still appreciate the consideration of those who move more slowly and who take their time to let me come to them, but once I am investigating you, I will let you know when you can go.

I love the smells of this new life. Did you know that each person carries their very own smell? Just like horses! When I smell a person, I am taking in all of it —every last scent detail that tells me about what happens and where they go when their rolling people-mover leaves the property. I can tell you a lot about people's diet, their emotions and health, and how they live just based on a breath or two.

It's really interesting because before, people all sort of looked the same to me. Now, they are starting to take on their own personalities and character. Some are very soft and quiet and move through the world as they watch their every step and every breath. Others move with really clunky steps that would carry the weight of those of a band stallion if they knew how to wield the same awareness. But mostly, they are just clumsy and noisy. Then there are those who aren't quite there yet but who want to know more. I can tell that they are trying to be more aware around us. It's almost like they are working on being different as people so that they can be a little more like a horse. I appreciate those kinds too. Some laugh and talk loudly, and others stay totally quiet around me, hardly uttering a sound at all. You just never know what each human will be like. But they are pretty transparent at a good distance, so I feel confident about letting my herd know who they can trust.

One thing I have noticed is that people treat us differently than they do the other horses on the property. I'm not exactly certain why, but I have a hunch that it's because those horses were raised with people and have been with them for their whole lives, and we have not. We are new to this world of loud, moving things that blow smoke but don't catch fire and grass that comes at regular times throughout the day.

My little belly gets more than its fill every day. How strange yet marvelous that is! And what else is neat about the food is that I can tell it comes from someplace not right around here. In the basin, we only had the same types of grasses and plants to eat all the time. But this…this is flavorful and different. You might not think that these things would matter to a Mustang, but for me, I'm interested in knowing more about this enormous world, the one I never knew about while I lived in the wild.

I'm excited to share with people just exactly how this journey has looked for me cause, you know, I was just a small-town girl who was living in a lonely world. But I took a midnight trailer going who knew where. And now, here I am!

I can tell this big new life has lots of amazing things left for me to do. I know I am going to be a great teacher to people. I know that there are some of them who want to know what I know, what my ancestors knew, deep down in their bones. Those are the people I hope to keep meeting, but so far, so good!

For now, I'm just going to keep being the good little herd leader I am for my "sisters stangs," WindSpirit and Firefly. They are also brave and curious, but I am the one out front, and that is something I feel good about. I like that they can safely enter into these new experiences by letting me go first and then letting me share with them what they need to know about how it went.

I hope you will read these words and want to come visit me in person or learn more about how my training will go. So far, I have the people pretty trained; I mean, they bring food and fresh water, they check on us all the time, and I even think I have one learning how to dress me in a "halter" and then take it off when I am done with it. I think these humans are pretty fast learners, and I am excited to see exactly how far they will come with me as their teacher. We have some time though, so I am trying to go at their pace and not make things too challenging for them. I will say, I have effectively taught them how to scratch just the right spots for me. That is definitely one of the first things any horse needs to work on with their new human because there are just some places that are impossible to reach!

My friend, Trish, who is a board member at For the Love of Aria.

Well, it was nice being able to introduce myself, and I have high hopes for my future. I know that I am loved, and I can tell by how the people smile when they see me that they are happy I am here. I am happy to be here. Like I said, I was just a small-town girl, but look at me now!

If you want to sponsor me with a donation, let me tell you, my belly won't be disappointed. You can go here and leave a note in the comments that you wish for your donation to go to my care (and food) directly. ;-)

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1 Comment

Jan 19, 2023

Such a heartwarming story you share Journey. I am pleased you are watching over your Sister Stangs Firefly and WindSpirit. I remember the day you girls arrived. Just wee little girls. Strong and brave you are Journey. May you all always be blessed and loved. ❤️🐴🐴🐴❤️

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