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Piceance Perseverance

This last weekend, we finally made it to pick up our new mustangs from the Piceance Basin roundup. It was emotional, scary, and a relief all at once. Although, I felt some pressure release. And because I felt a shift that indicates that this is the closing of one chapter as we begin yet another, I wanted to look back on my experience at Piceance and feel grateful for being on the other side of that roundup.

From July 16th:

"Starting this morning in the same place we ended yesterday. As the sun rose, I did my best to think of some profound words and thoughts that would somehow encourage you all and motivate you to do something because that’s what I do.

I make plans and I try to stay positive in hopes of making a difference. Sadly, I have nothing. But I’m here. Because when things feel hard, and honestly a bit hopeless if I’m being honest, this is what I do. I show up. I show up for them and because of them. And in my experience, that gets me to a place to try again. To try just a little harder.

So for today, I will look the horses in the eye and I will tell them that they matter, that their lives matter and I will trust that they know because that’s all I am capable of for today. And that’s okay"

So, it's ok to get vulnerable. It's ok to feel hopeless. It's ok to be heartbroken. It's ok to be all of those things as long as they don't keep you from striding toward your goals. It's always time to suit up and show up...for the horses.

P.S. I wanted to thank everyone who helped raise last-minute money to aid our efforts in this round of adoptions. Your participation and generosity increased the number of horses we brought home by six times. We went for 2 and ended up saving 12 horses in the last two adoptions. These are your horses. Make no mistake. Your good work made a world of difference to these 12 mustangs.

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