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Simplicity Meets Brilliance

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

My name is Mesa. While I once lived as a wild horse does, it was on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon rather than out in the vast lands of North America like other Mustangs. I was introduced to the world of humans in 2019 during a foal gentling course held by Reach Out to Horses at Renegade Equine. I would say that in the three years I have been with people, there are a lot of positives to this domesticated lifestyle that I wouldn’t have seen coming. Life is good. My heart is happy. I am joyful, and I feel like I am home.

On the reservation, I was in an enormous herd. If I miss anything, it’s traveling for miles and miles with my band. We knew every nook and cranny of that land, where the good spots were to itch, to play, and where to find the best food at different times of the year. I sometimes think about the nights with my family under the west pacific coast moon and feel a deep longing to know how everyone is and where they ended up. However, I’m very happy with my life now. If I want anything, it’s that my friends and family have as comfortable a life as I do. That is my true wish.

My process of being gentled was pretty smooth. I was surrounded by great people who cared so much about me. I had a great start to my new life. Not all horses are afforded that luxury, and I know that. I had seen rodeos where wild horses were used, very much against their own will, in a display of human superiority. Since I came off the reservation, I have not seen that kind of display again.

One thing I really enjoy is lots of activity. We recently had an event out here, and a ton of people came to meet us and learn about who we are and our history. I loved that! It was so much fun to watch everything that went on that day. People came and went and came and went; I was enthralled.

While I am smart as a whip, I’m not terribly complex. Give me fresh air and good food with clean water, and I am a happy girl. I enjoy napping in the sunshine and watching the sun lift itself over the horizon. I’ve seen a few sunrises now, but what I know is that I never have to worry about how I will be taken care of. Kind-hearted people made me a solemn pledge to guard my welfare and to keep it as secure as a most sacred jewel. I will be forever grateful for those people who have dedicated their lives to us—not just to me but to us—all of us. Every day I watch selfless acts of compassion and marvel at these most unique humans with whom destiny plopped my little sorrel soul.

If there is anything that I have to leave you with, it would be to smile. Life is far better than you think. But you’ll have to trust me on this one.

Donate to Mesa's care or sponsor her directly by clicking the button below and indicating in the comments that you would like your donation to go to her.

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