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The Impact




As of March 1, 2022, the BLM estimated that they have over 82,000 horses in holding pens. Many of these horses have been separated from their families on top of losing their freedom. 

Our mission and goals inspire and drive our impact, which is to rescue as many horses as we can and reunite bands and families to the best of our ability. We provide hands-on gentling and training for these horses so that they can find their perfect forever families. We also host clinics and courses to educate people about the plight of the wild horses and burros, and how they can help.

To date, YOU have helped to rescue and support:

3 Warm Springs Tribal Horses

35 Sand Wash Basin Mustangs

4 Piceance Basin Mustangs

1 Ex-therapy horse

1 Horse at auction who was seized by government officials

& a large number of horses who have come our way and then crossed the rainbow bridge to continue their journey to greener pastures.

It is never easy to see them go, but we feel privileged to have been their final home.

These efforts have also inspired numerous Mustang Missionaries to pick up the torch and start advocating for at-risk horses. We have seen Wild Horse Heroes adopt a Mustang when they never would have considered it previously. Each time you donate, share on social media, or tell your friends & family about what is going on in the lives of these special souls, you become part of the impact. 


Thank you for being here to support us. Because of you, we help make more happy homes for more happy horses. Their story doesn't have to end in a holding pen in nowhere America. We know they can believe and begin again.

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