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Our name comes from the first rescue horse we cared for with the trust of Terolyn Horse Rescue, Inc.. Aria was only with us for a few days before she crossed the rainbow bridge, but we were all in love with her already. This sweet horse not only gave hugs, but she loved to be with people. Being in her presence helped us be present and we learned how to revel in every minute and appreciate how lucky we are to work with these amazing creatures. Along with Terolyn's Founder, Teri, and her staff and volunteers, we believe Aria came into our lives for a reason and we hope to carry on her legacy by helping other horses like her.

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For the Love of Aria gives young Mustangs a solid foundation of care and training as they navigate successful transitions away from the wild. We also prioritize advocating for these at-risk horses.

We BELIEVE it takes a collaborative community to facilitate change and help America’s Mustangs. We will provide education, resources, and support to the humans making a difference for these beloved horses.

- Provide kind and compassionate gentling and foundation training

- Host educational clinics to help people learn about America's mustangs and how to successfully work with them

- Offer opportunities to adopt gentled and trained mustangs

- Advocate for the proper management, care, health and well-being of these at-risk horses

- Raise public awareness of the issues and challenges surrounding government roundups and management of America's mustangs

You might have heard us say that Stormie Acres Ranch was "worth the wait." We mean that from the very bottom of our hearts. Nestled under a ridge that overlooks the Bijou Basin, and bordered by some of the most expansive open areas in our entire state, we are grateful for the views, neighbors, and everything that our new facility has to offer.


The new property, located in Kiowa, CO, features 41 acres for the horses to have as much pasture access as we could possibly manage. We have a 13-stall barn with an attached 300' x 75' heated indoor arena. More than just the barn and arena, this new property actually came already set up with exactly the pens we require for working with wild horses or those with emotional needs. When we first saw it, we wondered how it could even be possible that it was as perfect for us and our herd as it is.

We are also very fortunate to have an enormous outdoor arena with excellent footing, a large wash rack with mats, and a tack room we love to call home during barn hours. With access to trails for DAYS, we are so very blessed to have found the most heavenly place to call home!

We help Mustangs.

So can you!

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