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Did you find Mistral?

Missy is one of our yearling Mustangs who came to us from the Sand Wash Basin in Maybell, CO. 

One of the things we love the most about her is that when we had a photographer come spend some time with her to take photos, she wouldn't stay far enough away for them to get a full body shot. instead, she was demonstrating exactly where she needed to be scratched and loved on that morning. 

Missy has fully embraced life here at For the Love of Aria. She loves her people as much as we love and adore spending time with her. There is no distance between humans and Missy now that she is here, and for that, we are grateful. She definitely sees herself as one of the family and she is. If she could choose her own post, it would be as "welcome wagon" to all who venture our way.

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